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lokiswings's Journal

Loki's Wings
25 March 1978
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I communicate better with color than with words.
4 a.m., abstract art, acrylics, ambiguity, androgyny, art, baking, balance, beatles, beauty, bells, boots, bunnies, cake decorating, cats, change, clouds, coffee, color, comics, complexity, contradiction, cooking, crayons, creativity, csa, cupcakes, dancing, dave mckean, david bowie, decemberists, delirium, dirigibles, dr. who, dragons, drawing, dreaming, environmentalism, ethics, evolutionary biology, existentialism, faeries, family, feathers, fire, freaks, frolicking, fruit, giraffes, glitter, gorillaz, guitar, hermann hesse, hippies, honesty, hope, horns, howl's moving castle, ice cream, idealism, illustration, indecision, individuality, intellect, introversion, jews, joy, jugglers, kurt vonnegut, labyrinth, learning, led zeppelin, leonard cohen, life, listening, literature, logic, loki, lost, love, lust, macs, magic, maurice sendak, metaphors, mirrormask, mischief, mismatching, moose, muppets, music theory, mythology, neil gaiman, neutral milk hotel, new beetles, obsessions, oil pastels, orange, painting, pandora, passion, philosophy, phish, pixies, plants vs. zombies, play, puppets, radiolab, rainbows, reality, regret, riddles, sandman, scarves, seasons, shel silverstein, silence, simplicity, singing, skiing, skittles, sleight of hand, smoke, snails, socks, sorrow, soup, space, storytelling, surrealism, sushi, tattoos, tea, teaching, terry pratchett, the beatles, thinking, this american life, thunderstorms, time, tom robbins, tori amos, transmetropolitan, trees, uncertainty, vegetarianism, vision, walls, wings, words